What I’m Bringing

First and foremost, my goal is to use my experience and skills to advocate for the needs of parents and students.

Beyond looking at the facts, I care about people and their unique circumstances, and listen with empathy.

Technology Leadership

My experience has led to a career in leading organizations in technology, with helpful detours that shape my approach.

My background in technology lets me focus on the problems of modern education, including preventing data breaches, protecting privacy, and improving technology performance.

I believe that parents, students, and educators were not given enough support for online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and would seek to improve sustainability of hybrid and online education.


I’m detail-oriented, considerate, and understand the bigger picture. I bring a keen interest in the work of large organizations, especially new infrastructure, balancing budgets, and helpful policies.

In an effort to improve efficiency, save money and reduce impact on the environment, I would actively champion waste reduction measures.

Lifelong Learning

During my Master’s degree, I sat on the local union executive. Labour leadership taught great approaches to inclusivity, accountability, and allyship that I continue to build on.

I embrace many available learning opportunities, particularly around management training, DE&I, and information technology leadership.

On the lighter side, I held executive roles on an Australian Football Club in Toronto, helping run the day-to-day and financial operation of our women’s and men’s teams.

Picture of Dariusz
Just smile naturally.