What I’m Bringing

πŸ‘ͺ Advocacy for students and parents; as a new candidate, listening first.

πŸ’» Bring IT expertise, as senior leader in KW high-tech companies: work to avoid data breaches and improperly protected student privacy.

πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Passion and positivity for the work of the Board. Including policy, infrastructure, and budgets.

β›ΉπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ Shaped by history in different organizations, such as unions, the military, and sports clubs.

πŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ« Lifelong learner, trying to stay current on management practices, DE&I, and tech leadership.

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Why I’m Running

πŸ₯‡ Build the best school board we can possibly have.

πŸš€ Advance STEM and the Arts in Waterloo Region.

πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’Ό Listen to, learn from, and advocate on behalf of families.

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About Me

πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ Family man, committed to Waterloo Region!

πŸ“š Background in education and e-learning platforms.

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Immigrant from Poland πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±, championing the needs of new Canadians.

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